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As the number of positive cases decline, hospital capacity increases and more Minnesotans are vaccinated, it is time for a transparent plan to reopen our economy that Minnesota businesses, their employees and customers can rely on – rather than an indefinite pause that suspends economic recovery. Other states have developed detailed plans including achieving certain health-based metrics, dates, or other milestones in order to trigger reopening on a regional, industry-specific, or statewide basis. If other states are already doing this, why can’t Minnesota?

Now’s the time to contact Governor Walz and legislators and ask for a clear plan that balances business survival and the health of the public – including transparent COVID-19 case and vaccine distribution metrics – to safely reopen Minnesota for our employers, employees and for the state’s economy as a whole.

Contact Governor Walz and legislators today and urge them to adopt a transparent reopening plan with date certainty so businesses can make preparations for the coming months.

Click here to send a message to our local legislators and Governor Walz:


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